09.04.24 16 Uhr


Forum für historische Belarus-Forschung Belarusian Student Protests

Perspectives from Participants and Witnesses


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Student protests played a significant role in the anti-authoritarian movement that swept through Belarus in 2020-2021. Young individuals, driven by their civic convictions, organized marches, gatherings with songs, and demonstrations on campuses, for which many were repressed.

Currently, there are around 40 students imprisoned in Belarus on various criminal charges, with the notorious "Student Case" emblematic of student resistance. Initiated by the authorities, this case led to the arrest of 12 individuals in November 2020, all of whom received sentences ranging from 2 to 2.5 years of imprisonment.

In our discussion, experts and eyewitnesses will analyse the events of 2020-2021. How did student protests emerge in an authoritarian setting lacking a tradition of academic freedom? How does it fit into the historical context of student protests? How can evidence of those events be gathered, and what role does oral history play in this? What was the attitude of the university teachers towards these protests? How have universities changed since the suppression of protests? And what measures can be taken to support the oppressed youth at this moment?


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The discussion will be simultaneously translated into English and Belarusian


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